Handa Medical Group and their stafff has helped me begin my clinical experience without any hassles. As a third year student, I was given the opportunity to initiate rotations in green book hospitals with well-qualified doctors. They are so well organized with their applications that it only took one visit for me to receive my first placement. They have been very efficient in helping me reach success. - Natasha V.

In April of 2011, I attended the Dream Fundraising Gala hosted by the MEDlife Foundation and Free the Children. I was amazed at how much dedication and hard work everyone put into it. From the breath taking performances, inspirational speeches, raffle draws which had amazing prizes, and a heart-felt video clip, I had never seen anything like it. The gala was held in order to raise funds for a program called "Adopt a Village". All proceeds went towards a small village in India (Bagda, Rajasthan) so the residents have access to proper education, medical care, clean water, and jobs. It was such a fun gala with excellent food and the music was bumping; MEDlife definitely knows how to treat their guests. At the end of the day, they managed to raise $27,000+, more than the initial $25,000 bench mark that was originally established! I am so glad to have been apart of it all. If there is ever another gala held for a cause like this one, count me in! A job well done. Great work! - Prubjhaut D.

I was in the midst of starting my clinical clerkship but had no idea of what my next steps should be. I was confused by the difference and importance of recognized hospitals and the ones you should avoid. I was lucky I had heard about Handa Medical at just the right time. They provided me with a consultation of different clinical paths I could follow. They set up my core and elective rotation schedule for all my required 72 weeks, allowing me to rotate at some of the most well recognized hospitals in Canada and the United States. - Anonymous

The staff at Handa Medical Group have experienced the USMLE and the clinical life, therefore the information they had provided us helped our daughter prepare in a way medical school never taught her too. Furthermore, after her USMLE Step 1, they helped my daughter set up clinical rotations in Greenbook Hospitals and they even had her entire schedule set up for her! If I ever have questions or doubts regarding my daughters clinical experience, I know that the friendly professionals at Handa Medical Group are only a phone call away. I know I will be contacting them to help our daughter applying to various residency programs. Thank you Handa Medical Group for helping my daughter advance towards her future! - Monika K.

Handa Medical has helped me score 94 on my USMLE and can help you too! They advised and explained to me everything from the process of applying to the exam, to setting up a study schedule, to choosing which prep courses to take and even ways on how to study effectively. In med school, I was not given even half the information I acquired by consulting the professionals at Handa Medical. - Abhi G.

I had the privilege of attending the company fundraiser for MEDLife Foundation. The way the event was organized was very professional and entertaining and they raised over $25,000 of donations for children in India, aiding in their education. I hope to be a part of their next fundraiser. Good job! - Anonymous

Beginning my clinical rotations with Handa Medical Group was a pleasant experience. I was able get my top three rotation choices back to back without any hassles. One great thing about Handa Medical Group is that they offer a huge variety of rotations, so the rotation I request is always available whichever week I wish to start. Having finished my third core rotation, I can honestly say that I've had no problem in the wait time, usually I finish Friday and start the next one the following Monday. Everything is done with ease and they work with you to let you know what documents are required from the hospital and what needs to be done to keep the process running smoothly, allowing more time to study and less time to stress on the unnecessary. I would highly recommend Handa Medical Group to students. - Prabhjot S.

I am medical student from Saudi Arabia doing my rotations through HMG, and I would like to give appreciation to HMG for there hospitality and their time. They actually picked us from the airport and booked us a hotel when we first came. They also helped me and my fellow students find a place to stay and helped get settled in; since we are from an international school. They help us in our rotation scheduling and studying as they give us tests and assignments every week. They give us lots of advice and their clinical orientation was very great. I thank you guys for everything and I really appreciate you always been there to help. - Hind A.

I am originally from the Canada; however I decided to pursue my medical education abroad in the Caribbean like many students. I am currently enrolled in my fifth rotation through Handa Medical Group, and my experience has been nothing but positive. Handa Medical Group has allowed me to secure credible rotations in all Greenbook hospitals. Moreover, I did not have to wait even one week in between my rotations thus far. Handa Medical Group has made this very easy as they have placed me in clinicals back-to-back, on many of the same rotations as American medical students! If you are studying medicine Internationally, I urge you all to contact Handa Medical Group regarding any questions or services related to clinical placements and prepping for the board exams. I am a real life example of someone who is going through the international medicine route, and Handa Medical Group has helped make this process very smooth and stress free for me. I already have my next core rotation booked, in-patient General Surgery. Thanks Handa Medical! - Sonia W.

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