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We strive to fulfill a future of inventive healthcare solutions. With an honest and reliable staff by our side, we make it a priority to help meet the needs...

Our Story

Handa Medical Group Handa Medical Group, established in June of 2010, is a stem corporation built upon thorough knowledge and understanding of today’s healthcare needs. Established none other than by International Medical Graduates, the members of HMG have built a strong foundation for the company to expand, and have successfully introduced the medical group to the business of healthcare. By combining its knowledge of medicine with its dedication to provide healthcare services, Handa Medical Group has been able to grow tremendously within a very short period of time. Providing customers with quality healthcare services, reliable products, and web development, has been, and continues to be the primary goal of HMG. Through its services and charity work, Handa Medical Group hopes to portray a new and improved image for healthcare across North America.

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