MEDLife Magazine

In 2010 MEDLife hosted its first charity event and successfully raised $25,000+ for the community of Bagad in Rajasthan, India. Our mission was to raise awareness to the lack of medical care and education in third world countries. To continue our efforts of raising awareness and providing information about medicine to medical students and the general public, we will be launching the first edition of MEDLife magazine.

MEDLife magazine will be a source of information for medical students containing scholarship opportunities, ask a graduate section where questions by students will be answered by alumni students currently in residency, upcoming event information, promotions for students including school equipment, medical books and recourses. The magazine will also include the top 5 physicians voted by our students, reviews of our current hospitals in the Chicago area in which our students are undergoing their rotations. We will also be publishing articles written by students, funny medical student stories, personal experience stories and study tips for USMLE/MCC examinations. A picture gallery will also be included for the event of the month such as student dinners, symposiums and outreach programs. A calendar of events will be made available to students regarding different programs hosted by MEDLife and details of when and how they can get involved. Also, research opportunities will be featured along with a section for current research students to have the opportunity to share their work in our magazine.

For any students that are interested in submitting their work to be published in MEDLife magazine please submit your articles, drawings, stories or questions to The first edition of MEDLife magazine is set to launch in the summer of 2016.

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