Our Story

Handa Medical Group Handa Medical Group, established in June of 2010, is a stem corporation built upon thorough knowledge and understanding of today's healthcare needs. Established none other than by International Medical Graduates, the members of HMG have built a strong foundation for the company to expand, and have successfully introduced the medical group to the business of healthcare. By combining its knowledge of medicine with its dedication to provide healthcare services, Handa Medical Group has been able to grow tremendously within a very short period of time. Providing customers with quality healthcare services, reliable products, and web development, has been, and continues to be the primary goal of HMG. Through its services and charity work, Handa Medical Group hopes to portray a new and improved image for healthcare across North America.

Mission Statement

We strive to fulfill a future of inventive healthcare solutions. With an honest and reliable staff by our side, we make it a priority to help meet the needs of every individual. Many of our employees at Handa Medical Group possess immense knowledge in the medical field and are at your service to provide the utmost satisfaction for our clients in healthcare services sector. Handa Medical GroupĀ is dedicated to working with customers in order to provide safe and efficient healthcare solutions and services. By continuing to expand our company within all aspects of medicine we hope to provide the utmost of reliable service and products available.

So why choose Handa Medical Group?

Here at Handa Medical Group we believe in helping students, as we understand the struggles and difficulties most students face when beginning their clinical rotations. Our representatives are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You will always receive a response back within 24 hours regarding any of your questions or concerns. We have specifically designed our program and orientations to help teach students who have no clinical experience so they are well prepared for their first day, and make a good first impression. Ninety-nine percent of our students so far have received greater than 90% on their evaluations, along with positive feedback from all of our physicians. We also require all students to be BLS, ACLS, PALS certified within the first 12 weeks of beginning their clinical experience with us. Our company has licensed and trained professionals who are certified to teach these courses and provide 3-year certifications for each course, ensuring students are certified throughout all rotations as well as during their residency application process.

Not only do we help you with the clinical aspect of your training, we also assist in finding housing for students, roommate requests and transportation advice. We try our best to accommodate all students who may not have their own mode of transportation, by placing them in near-by rotations and easing their travel time. We have also assisted students regarding how to open a bank account, where and how to get a phone, etc. Overall, we are student services principle based company; we guarantee your program with us will help you gain extensive amount of knowledge and experience.

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